Jalebi 2018



Jalebi Aisha (Rhea Chkraborty), a budding author and an up-and-coming independent woman from Mumbai who travels to Delhi to do research for her upcoming book. She encounters a local guide, Dev (Varun Mitra) and falls in love with her. He proposes to her and they get married. Aisha finds out she’s pregnant after a couple of months. Dev is extremely happy however Aisha is hesitant as she doesn’t feel ready to become a mother. Dev convinces Aisha to settle in a state of bliss. They call Disha their baby girl. a portmanteau mix of Dev’s as well as Aisha’s names.

Aisha suffers from a miscarriage and Dev’s mom blames Aisha. Aisha feels embarrassed and insulted and leaves Dev. Dev and his family attempt to take her home a few days later , but she refuses. Dev wants to visit him in Kashmir If really loves her. But he isn’t.

Seven years later, Aisha plans her second wedding, as she remains in love with and in love with Dev. She faces her problems and travels to Delhi. She encounters Anu who is a woman and her daughter Pulti during her travels. It appears that Anu is the wife of Dev’s second husband. She also meets Dev in the same train. She thinks about her relationship with Dev throughout the train ride. In addition, she learns that Pulti’s given name is Disha which makes her feel angry she chastises Dev for having her name that. Anu informs her that Pulti wasn’t Dev’s child and was in fact the father of Anu. Dev lifted his head the next moment he saw Pulti and prior to marriage, he had a single requirement that she be named Disha.

Dev’s station can be reached via the train. When it is time to leave, Anu thanks Aisha for providing Dev and informs her that she knows that Aisha is the love of Dev and his first wife. Dev boards the train. Anu encourages Dev, however, to tell Aisha the truth. He had met her in Kashmir the day before and realized that she wasn’t satisfied with his choices. His life is very different from hers and he wanted to see her living her life in peace and living her desires. He says that it was because of this that he hurried through divorce proceedings and was portrayed as a bad person before her. He also informed her that he’d many times read her book. Both cry and hug each other. She says that although their destinations differ, their love is still strong. Dev informs Aisha that they’ll wait for her next novel and that they’ll part ways to lead two lives with two distinct fates.

Dev discovers Aisha’s book Jalebi a year later. It is an account of their romance. Jalebi HD